Who Speaks For The Mr. Puddleses of This World?

All these years I thought it was the marjoram I was tasting.

Er, people don’t seem to get the above joke. I know because I tried it out. But I have heard the best jokes are the ones that need an explanation so I will try and do so.
Obviously, Paul and Joanne are cooking this dog in a recipe experiment that would later become Newman’s Own spaghetti sauce.
But there’s so much else going on here which distracts from the obvious. Paul’s socks, his shorts-windbreaker kitchen wear combo. How slim and young Joanne Woodward is. The era, the glamor, the nice big kitchen cupboards.
But of course this is the sort of seductive trappings that enabled them to get away with this in the first place. Poor poor Mr. Puddles. Ask yourself, did you ever see another photograph of him again?

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