Good To Know

I regret all the insensitivity I’ve shown to attraction men over the years. Or maybe those named Ken? Or maybe those holding signs? I’m not really sure but if it’s a poster of someone holding up a handwritten sign it usually means you’ve been an asshole in some way to a certain demographic and in this case I wouldn’t even have been made aware if I hadn’t stopped to use the bathroom at the Teen Clinic.

Thank you Teen Clinic for this and for the free condoms and the cold drinks that I think were intended for the teens but I had a couple during that nice long rap session with peer counselor Van. He gave me some super information about self-esteem and boundaries and doing what is right for me. I don’t think he realized my original comment had been about a bunion that was killing me but that’s okay, I learned a lot and by the time we were done chatting it was time to use the rest room again and on the way found out about all this!

2 thoughts on “Good To Know

    1. Dear Proff Reader,

      How would I know if you just don’t get it? Does anyone ever really know such a thing?
      Thanks for your comment anyway; have I seen you around the Quacker Factory comments on
      Good luck with your future plans.

      Jumbopants McGinty

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