The NoteSchnook


This is in front of our main downtown library. The note Charlie is holding says
“Meet me downtown, Charlie Brown. Signed, The Little Red Headed Girl.”
Cute, eh?
Yeah, cute.
Charlie’s been holding this note for years and I don’t think The Little Red Headed Girl is going to show.

Charlie here, is clearly a pawn in a pathetic Chamber of Commerce/Downtown Development type enterprise. And it’s heartbreaking. He is being used I tell you. He was obviously commissioned, as his shirt depicts a downtown scene; so that is why I feel it only fair to point out that this cruelly deceitful promise of The Little Red Headed Girl, is nothing more than another relentless attempt to promote “Downtown” by these capitalistic succubi!

(Or, uh maybe not, don’t really know how the statue came to be here.)

2 thoughts on “The NoteSchnook

    1. Yes indeed, Downtown, where one can forget all ones’ troubles, forget all ones’ cares.
      Did you know that song also suggested attending a moving-picture show?

      “Don’t hang around and let your problems surround you
      There are movie shows, downtown”

      Good idea?
      Maybe Charlie should take in a show?

      I ask you? Would you like to end up at a special anniversary matinee of “Marnie” behind this monster’s giant head?
      Would you? Well?
      That’s what I thought.

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