Regrets? I’ve Been A Stew

Miss Otis’ Summer Diary

Miss Otis regrets she is unable to come today.
Miss Otis regrets she feels slightly over-warm today.
Miss Otis regrets she must inform you that she thinks you’re bat shit for holding your wedding/garden party/emergency trip to the hospital with a broken intermediate cuneiform bone on such a beastly-hot, miserable day.
Miss Otis regrets she is soup.

Note: This is a photo of Dorothy Parker. In looking for an image for this post, I entered “Grumpy woman from the 1920s”; “Melancholy 1920s,1930s women”: “Flapper looking out window” and so on. This was the best one as far as looking like someone who appears to not want to go out — albeit is a bit dressed-up for staying in. And a terrific photo, anyway.

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