5 thoughts on “Gnomenclature

  1. Yes…I want to leave comment. Where the hell is the Gnome post? Huh?
    My comments were superb…I wanted to revisit them. I searched through all your “Categories” …looking for it…Not there! Why? Was it something I said?

      1. OK…I guess I must splain in detail. Remember the comment from an unknown source you thought had infiltrated the gnome post writing about how he loved and collected gnomes and was asking pertinent questions? Am I dreaming this? No…it really happened no now you’re denying the whole thing!!!! Maybe it was another post? No…because I looked through them all…not there!

        1. Oh you must be referring to the time you committed fraud, chicanery, identity theft — a federal crime!

          But you thought it was just a bit of fun. To make me think I had another reader (albeit a gnome-perv). And thought I would fall for such a wantonly monstrous trick. So desperate for recognition — and wouldn’t it be a good one! And now, now you want to go back and relive your heedless cruelty but can’t remember where you left it like so much pigeon scat? And you expect me to help you? Help you?

          Have you no shame?

          Well I will help you because perhaps then, you will at last, at long last, confront your own inhumanity!

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