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I was curious as to how long someone could listen to one of those Christmas Sirius channels before losing all desire to go on living. There’s several channels: ” Holly”, “Country Christmas”, “Christmas Pop” etc.

It may well be too late for me. Nevertheless, I have switched over and am entering my second hour of Radio Hanukkah; I think the only thing I miss are the Johnny Mathis covers.

And by miss I mean I’ve spent the last one-third of an hour trying to determine which musical selection Mr. Mathis would be suited for. There’s some lovely songs and he would do well with many of them but I think he could bring something super-fun and special to “Take a Potato.”
Okay, now I’m making a list of songs and in my mind I’m creating a Hanukkah album for Johnny; not only the novelty songs but every song I hear — I wonder what Johnny could be doing with it.

Like I said, I think it may be too late for me.

4 thoughts on “Johnny ( Potato ) Cakes

  1. Hannaka is known as the Festival of Lights. So it’s appropriate that Mr. Mathis sings these Hannaka-themed songs:
    “You Light Up My Life”; “Blinded By the Light”; and “Lida Rose” (from “The Music Man”)…hey, it’s close to “light”.

    1. My Dear Mr Hanns Bjornberg,

      Not a problem, but you spelled Hannaka funny. No no, it’s quite all right, just wanted to help if I could.

      Johnny Mathis

    1. Yes Jimmy, that potato is sad. Very sad because it is being held by someone who is about to ski down a mountain without proper skull, gonad, or shin protection.
      Thank you for noticing this terrible safety lapse; now run along and help your mother vacuum the pine cones.

      Luomir Pulvak
      Alpine Safety Inspector and Damaged Beet Vendor

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