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The Humpherts for Comfort Winter Collection

The Humpherts For Comfort Winter Collection

We at Humpherts are pleased to announce the arrival of this season’s timeless classic yet contemporary; snug but relaxed; cozy yet not over-familiar; form fitting — not to be mistaken for pinching — undergarments.

The Duv-a-bloomer

Is there anything as welcoming as a gracefully-aged set of bed linens? Our top Comforteers worked night and day to come up with the coziest underclothes yet. And by heavens, they did it! Introducing the Duv-a-bloomer: an entire set of buttery-soft flannel bed sheets and coordinating duvet, cut and formed into a exquisite pair of undergarments; giving the wearer not just warmth but a bit of cushioning as well.

The Duv-a-bloomer is Humphert’s answer to Jack Frost’s startling incursions. They are a cozy cabin under your trousers.

Available in the following sizes: Small, Double Medium, Super Medium and Hefty Chap.
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