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A time comes in everyone’s life when they ask themselves “Wonder what crawled up Susan Dietz’s ass anyway?” Susan Dietz writes the Single File column where singles turn for advice.

As you see (way) below, she is not helpful. Yes she offers a suggestion in the second paragraph but one wonders if the recipient is going to make it there having been cast as a loser whose neediness oozes from every pore and, being informed of sounding so desperate, friends must run for the hills when they see said person coming. One imagines this advice-seeker turning to a chocolate cream pie if not the opium pipe at this point rather than reading further.
And for this, they pay her?
All I can think is that the letter was edited because it doesn’t seem all that whiny. A bit, but what the hell? Susan is only interested in letters from peppy people who write in for larks?  “Dear Susan, I’m single and loving it!  Not feeling down or temporarily at a loss in any way. Know what’s great? Your suggestion to find people with similar interests to one’s own. Stellar! Why no advice columnist had thought of that is a mystery. You have an exceptional mind and so caring, why you must hear success stories all-the-livelong-day.  Anyway, you’re boffo. Thanks for helping us not that we need help — we’re bubbling with confident, empowering energy —  but if we seek sham recycled tips, great to know you’ve got our backs!”

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