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Hello! Remember me?

Hello, remember me?

George Bunnington: 16-time candidate for office and former white courtesy-airport phone.
I have currently turned my attentions to writing book reviews for the New York Times.
Yes I’ve been most gratified and uplifted by this new career, at least I was until being informed, upon my 573th submission, that they are not interested in book reviews from a ceramic garden rabbit. Well I wasn’t informed directly but got a feeling this might be the case.

But that’s just how passive-aggressive these people are, they don’t have the decency to reply to my excellent reviews of such titles as: “Introduction To Advanced Home-Skin Grafting “, “Gravy Stain Summer” and “37-9-62, 37-9-66, 34-9-62, er, 73-9 …”
The latter: a searing coming-of-age tale about a girl, a trip to the post office, and a difficult-to-open bike-chain lock.
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Grace Slick to the White Courtesy Rabbit please!

Following my 16 unsuccessful bids to obtain a seat in Parliament representing Sudbury South, I was forced to take a position as a White Courtesy Rabbit at The Bangalore Airport. This was a very low point for me.
In addition to the tedium of having people talk into my ear excitedly, the phone cord would tangle-up in my tail in a most unsettling fashion.

It was at this time I began working on the plot of what was to become my first brilliant novel “Charing Cross Road — Hurry — Not Quite — Almost — Nearly — After this lorry — Oops, Go back”

It was wildly successful — in certain circles. And I went on to enjoy notoriety and acclaim yet I never quite lost the political bug as it were; the itch, the scratch, the tickily feeling all over.

So I returned to the campaign trail!

(to be continued… )

Meet George Bunnington

Meet George Bunnington!

Your Labour candidate for parliament.

Below are George’s various slogans used in his 16-unsuccessful-runs for office in Sudbury South.

1940 I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and fake coins with my face on them!
Vote Bunnington!

1943 Victory In Europe, Bunnington In Vegetation
George Bunnington For The Win!

1945 Peace for Britain, Prosperity With Bunnington
Vote Labour This November!

1947 If I Could Just Get In!
For The Love of God
Vote Bunnington!

1948 (By-election due to death of incumbent, Sir Purnup Hoggle)
Hustings Ho!
Bunnington In ’48!

He’s Back For Britain
Labour Sudbury South Bunnington

Vote For Me?
George Bunnington?

Yes A Ceramic Rabbit, But Have You Seen The Other Guy?
George Bunnington, MP For Sudbury South

Here’s A Photo Of An Old Poster; I’m Out Of Money
Bunnington Now!

New Hope For A New Decade
George Bunnington For SS!

Even Rabbits Get Tired of Running
Could Be You’re Last Chance: Bunnington!

Wish me Luck!
Buoyant With Bunnington

Not Your Father’s Bunnington
Nor His Father’s Either, Apparently

Why Indeed?
Labour’s Most Seasoned Candidate

Aw, C’mon!
Bunnington, Ear ‘e Is Again!

Keeping Delusion Alive in ’75!
George For Today’s Tomorrow or Tomorrow’s Today or..
Oh pfff!