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I’ve Got A Golden Acorn


Right. Here it is the last day of February and if I don’t get anything posted on this here blog it will make for the first time I have gone a whole month without posting something on this
And good thing it’s a Leap Year or I wouldn’t have made it.

This is bad. And another thing that is bad is that if it wasn’t for the above paragraph and this one here, I wouldn’t have anything written at all.

No — it would just be another silly photo with one or two sentences which is what things have been reduced to. Pathetic! Have I already posted about how pathetic my posting are? I probably have and don’t even remember! Pathetic!

But I’m saving my insights for, uh, something. Not sure what yet. But they’re being safely and securely squirreled away in high quality nut-cache fashion.

Which leads to this photo of a building in a park with a squirrel on it. He seems to have an acorn. A Golden Acorn!!!