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Chimp On My Back

Some time ago, I wrote unflinchingly about my harrowing struggle with addiction. Peanut Butter Puffin addiction. I am here to say I have broken this yolk — or rather, broken free of this yoke — of subjugation.

Yes I am free. Free from the persistent thoughts, the slavish devotion, the constant checking of the milk levels. Oh who am I kidding? I dry-puffed them.

But that’s all behind me .

Now I’m addicted to Coco Chimps. They stay marvelously crunchy in milk. Maybe too marvelously crunchy? One wants to wait until the milk becomes rapturously chocolatey but it’s so very hard to do. Sometimes I have to leave the room for a period of time.

A movie would be made of this entire transformation if Hollywood could still offer the sort of top-notch actress like your Susan Hayward.

It would be a glorious story of giddy life-affirming wonder — ending in death by brain tumor.
But as someone once said, you got to take the soggy with mushy.