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Here’s a note I sent to a friend regarding my S.A.S shoes: Director’s Cut.
(I was too excited at the time to go into this much detail as per the color choices etc.)

“I’m not saying your S.A.S. shoes aren’t alluring, I’m only saying I just got a pair that make yours look like something Beyonce would wear on the cover of GQ Magazine — in one of those “I’m just here wearing only a snake & these sexy sexy S.A.S. Shoes” poses.

I’d send a photo but I know how jealous you get at the sight of “Inappropriately -Petted Denim” (I think that’s what the color is called; in choosing them, I passed up such options as “Miracle Whip Crust” and “Matted-fur Mole Taupe.”
Hopefully you’ll get over it in time and will be happy for me.

When I was buying these shoes, a woman, at least 20-years my senior, was balking at how dowdy the shoes were.
Not for me, baby, not for me!”